In 1872, Hermann Sprenger founded a factory for riding accessories. Today, Herm Sprenger GmbH remains a family owned company, with 160 employees, led by the fourth generation of the original founder. Herm Sprenger successfully exports worldwide. High standards of quality are achieved by using only the finest materials and components available, intensive employee training and extensive quality control testing after each stage of production. This is carried out on testing machines made to their own detailed specifications.
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Since 1872, the German manufacturer Sprenger has been a world leader in bits, stirrups, spurs and more for the discerning equestrian.

Sprenger bits are the ultimate choice for horses of any discipline. The quality workmanship of these exceptional bits is unmatched and the varieties are endless. Sprenger bits are not only ergonomically correct and soft and comfortable in the horse’s mouth but are scientifically created with the proper combination of materials to ensure the horse’s mouth stays moist yet responsive to the hand. Sprenger bits will make the bridle experience a pleasure and the rider will find exactly the right choice for his horse’s needs. These German bits were made with a unique, patented material. The original Aurigan model was made of a composite of copper, silicon and zinc. This combination provided enough smoothness, comfort and regulated the oxidization process to make these bits stand apart from traditional stainless steel versions. Later Sprenger improved this process and introduced the Sensogan model that uses copper, manganese and zinc to make these incredible bits even more luxurious and functional. This new material provided the same smoothness with an even more regulated oxidation process to distribute less copper in the saliva. Ultimately, these superior bits evolved to allow the discerning horseman to choose the exact style, weight and appearance for his or her specific needs. For jumping, dressage, hunters or pleasure, Sprenger bits are the ultimate choice for any horse.

Sprenger stirrups are designed to survive the rigors of intense riding and can withstand up to 3 times the bodyweight of the rider thus eliminating the chance for breakage upon impact. The composite and stainless steel models include the Bow Balance with an improved grip and wide rubber tread to provide better balance and soften impact. The unique bow shape gives a sleek fit to make the leg look its best in the show ring. This comfortable stirrup pivots in 4 directions to allow the rider to perform at his best. The Jointed Stirrups System 4 reduces stress on the knees and hips to provide additional comfort. For the rider who prefers a more traditional style, the Fillis, Peacock, and racing stirrups are an outstanding choice with a familiar look. Stirrup pads for every style are available in quality materials to keep the foot in place and allow for even more shock resistance. When the rider spends hours in the saddle, these stirrups will allow for comfort and extreme functionality.

Sprenger spurs in every shape are created in many varieties and styles. These strong, superior quality spurs are guaranteed not to break. Crafted in either silver or stainless steel, the workmanship is second to none. The Balkenhol style fits perfectly to riding boots and provides ultimate comfort and fit and will not shift uncomfortably while in the saddle. Choose classic Prince of Wales style, rowels of all sizes or swan neck styles for any of your dressage or jumping needs. Spur straps in leather or nylon and other accessories are created in the same outstanding materials and with equal care and quality as expected from this market leader. Boot jacks, pulls and stretchers and even a pair of combination riding/running Sprenger boots are available as well.