MmSoft AirPLUS Memory fFoam Legwraps

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Czarny Mink Horse MmSoft AirPLUS Memory fFoam Legwraps
Bialy Mink Horse MmSoft AirPLUS Memory fFoam Legwraps
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Nice & soft bandage-pads of the best quality. The pads are made with a filling of "High Density Memory Foam", which makes them extremely shock-absorbing and at the same time pressure-distributing. The outside is of an anti-pilling luxury fleece and the inside is of a highly breathable and moisture-wicking fine mesh material, that ensures the best comfort and dry legs. Down by the hoof, the bandage-pads are equipped with a 1000den dirt-and water repellent nylon material on both the outer and inner sides, which function as hoofbell. By the fetlock the pads have auxiliary straps, so that they can be held in position while being bandaged. These straps are only for bandage aid and can be opened when you reach it with the bandage, if you want the pads laid even tighter or they can be completely removed if you have no need.An absolute luxury product, when you only want the best.Available in black and white in 3 sizes (S (45x38cm) - M (45x45cm) - L (45x54cm)) and comes in 2 packs.


  • Bandage-pads of the best quality
  • Filling of "High Density Memory Foam"
  • Shock-absorbing and pressure-distributing
  • Made ofan anti-pilling luxury fleece
  • Lined with a highly breathable and moisture-wicking mesh Bell boot function included
  • Auxiliary straps
  • Black or white
  • 3 sizes (S (45x38cm) - M (45x45cm) - L (45x54cm))
  • 2 packs

Washing instructions:

Wash at 30 '- no tumbledryer.

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