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Stimulates hoof growth and improves the quality of the hooves.

Indication for use

CAVALOR HOOF AID SPECIAL is a supplement developed to improve the quality of the hoof. Because some horses have very bad hoof quality, they need much more than only a mixture of some vitamins such as Biotin. For these horses, Cavalor developed a special high-quality mixture that restores the quality of the hoof.Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is used by professionals and specialists in the fight against brittle and torn hooves, separated walls, stagnating hoof growth and poor hoof quality.

"Composition and safety of the product

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special contains biotin and MSM. MSM is a highly bioavailable source of sulfur. Sulfur is an essential ingredient of keratin, an important constituent of the hoof wall. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special also contains vitamins A, D3, B2, B3, C; choline; calcium and phosphorus; chelated copper and zinc. Furthermore, Cavalor Hoof Aid Special contains amino acids that are important for hoof growth and hoof quality. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special was specially developed to contain those substances that positively affect nutrient digestibility and the resistance and flexibility of connective tissue.


Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is given as a supplement to the normal ration: 50-150 g/day. Continue the supplementation for at least 1.5 months


Pail 5 kg


What is the added benefit of MSM in Cavalor Hoof Aid Special?

The hoof wall contains relatively large amounts of keratin. Sulfur is an essential element of keratin. MSM is a good available source of sulfur.

Why is there more biotin in Cavalor Hoof Aid than in Cavalor Hoof Aid Special?

The daily amount of biotin is exactly the same in both products. The daily dose for Cavalor Hoof Aid is 30 gr per day (because the biotin concentration is much higher) and for Cavalor Hoof Aid Special 135 grams per day.

How long will I need to supplement Cavalor Hoof Aid Special before I notice results?

Hoof growth is a slow process. Therefore, results will become apparent after about 6 weeks. It is highly recommended to supplement Cavalor Hoof Aid Special for 3 - 6 months. In severe cases, continuous administration may be necessary.

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