Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots

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Brazowy/Brazowy Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots
Czarny Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots
Brazowy Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots
Bialy Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots
Czarny/Czarny Zandona Carbon Air Fetlock Boots
Tabela rozmiarów
Size Circumference
PONY 24-27 cm
S 28-30 cm
M 31-32 cm
L 33-34 cm
L+ 35-37 cm

The following measurements should be taken for finding the correct size:

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These fetlock boots have been studied to defend horses from collisions and bruises in the hind fetlock when jumping. Its dimension and absolute ergonomic shape has been developed by copying the limb structure, which guarantees a perfect position while avoiding any kind of stress.


  • Made in Italy
  • Composed by external TPU structure with differentiated thickness
  • Carbon Fiber elements located under the shell insulates joints generated by external friction
  • Elastic straps with quick-release-tip has a secure closure with a double locking system (horizontal/vertical)

Technical description:

Perforated Neoprene and ventilated by 3 Air-Vents.

Washing instructions:

Wash the shell and padding by hand. Leave out to air dry.

Usage instructions:

Used mainly in show jumping.

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