Sprenger KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon Sensogan 14mm

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Recommended for horses which need to get an improved contact and acceptance of the bit.Eggbutt bits are excellent for horses with an sensitive mouth area, since a pinching of the lips, as can happen with loose ring snaffle bits, is prevented.The hallmarks of these bits are the oval rings which are fixed to the mouthpiece and ensure that the bit lies quietly in the horse's mouth. A slipping of the bit is prevented, whereby the mouthpiece affects in a central position to the tongue.KK ULTRA.For double jointed bits the link has the shape of an olive - compared to standard bits - is shorter and the angle of the link was turned by 45°. Only with this angle the links lies especially comfortable on the tongue. These bits ensure a remarkable better contact to the bit and a very sensitive help with the reins.The innovative KK ULTRA bits use the sense of touch of the tongue which is also as sensitive as of humans. The tongue is a very sensitive sensory organ and enhances the absorption of the signals arriving through the rein aids in the horse's mouth. downBy tightening the reins,the link of the KK ULTRA lies fully on the tongue without squeezing it and without any pressure on the palate. The connecting rings to the link roll over the tongue. Due to the new position of the bit the tactile sensation of the tongue will be raised increasingly.The rein aids of the rider will communicate more precise and sensitive to the horse's mouth.The KK ULTRA bits provide an incomparable sensitive contact between rider and horse. When changing to a KK ULTRA bit you can immediately feel an improvement of the contact to the bit.The anatomical shaped mouthpiece is especially comfortable for the horse and increases the suppleness due the more sensitive aids from the rider.

Technical description:

Mouthpiece: Double jointed.Thickness: 14 mm.Ring diameter: 55 mm.Type: Eggbutt.

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