Christ Spezial S Jump Numnah

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Kolor: Czarny/Zlamana Biel
Czarny/Zlamana Biel Christ Spezial S Jump Numnah
Brazowy/Bezowy Christ Spezial S Jump Numnah
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The numnah with complete sheepskin. In the seat area equipped with a wool height of 30 mm and at the flaps with 15 mm. The sheared sheepskin in the flap area ensures closeness to the horse. Fastening with hook and loop fasteners on the girth straps and girth guide at the end of the flaps. The integrated nylon protection prevents chafing in the girth area. At the front, the sheepskin is wrapped around to the top and serves as a saddle support.


  • Underside made entirely of genuine sheepskin for optimum padding
  • Top side is made of Christ's special saddlecloth fabric
  • Fastened with hook and loop straps
  • Machine washable with a lambskin detergent and dryer resistant

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