Sprenger Max-Control Full cheek stainlass steel bit, double jointed

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Podczas pomiaru rozmiaru wędzidła zawsze mierz długość od środka jednego pierścienia (lub policzka) do wnętrza przeciwnego. Upewnij się, że wędzidło jest wyprostowane. Grubość wędzidła jest zawsze mierzona bezpośrednio w pierścieniu wędzidła. Po umieszczeniu go w pysku konia powinno być maks. 5 mm po obu stronach wędzidła.
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The MAX-Control is a double-jointed bit which, at a first glance, cannot be distinguished from other double-jointed loose ring snaffles.However, it is a correction or training bit which locks at a certain angle and thus becomes a straight bar.The bit lies very well in the mouth when the horse is working properly. When the horse opposes the riderŒs hand the more intensive rigid effect occurs. This bit lies quietly in the horseŒs mouth as the cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through and therefore avoids inconvenient pressure on the back teeth. The mouthpiece remains in the correct central position of the tongue ensuring the rein aids work perfectly in the horseŒs mouth.The cheeks are most helpful with turning aids especially with young horses. The gentle pressure against the face on the outside of the turn supports the riderŒs aid making turns much easier for the horse to understand and for the rider to carry out.

Technical description:

Mouthpiece: Double jointed.Material: Stainless steel.Ring thickness: 16mm.Ring diameter: 50mm.Ring type: Full cheek.

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