Trikem Gastro, 3000 g

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Gastro supports the stomach and can help prevent an imbalance of the stomach lining.
Gastro is based on lecithin, which forms a gel barrier in the stomach to protect the mucous membranes from stomach acid.

Technical description:

Composition: Lecithin, Sodium bicarbonate

Additives per kg: Guar gum E412 400 g, Lecithin 1c322 400 g, Diatomaceous earth E551c50 g.

Anayltical constituents:

Crude protein: 4%
Crude fat 36.4%
Crude fiber 0.8%
Crude ash 18.6%
Calcium 2.2%
Sodium 4.4%
Phosphorus 2%.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: 12 ml (10 g) per 100 kg body weight and day. The first 10 days double dose is recommended, thereafter continue according to recommendation. Do not soak. Mix dry with other feed.
Symptoms of stomach irritation can be bad nutrition and conditon, the horse becomes uneasy before meals, bad temper, low performance, etc.

Naturally the gastric mucosa is protected against the aggressive gastric acidity of the substances contained in VIMITAL Gastro.
60 ml/day (50g) for horse 550 kg. A double dose first 10 days or when the horse has ulcer symptoms. Others in proportion to body weight or according to veterinary prescription.

24 month. See best before date.

Store in a cool dry place.

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