Calm & Collected Gold 1 Litre

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To Support the Nervous System.

Calm & Collected Gold is a liquid supplement with herbs such as chamomile and valerian which helps maintain a healthy nervous system in horses of all ages. After the first use, you can move onto the dry equivalent, Calm & Collected (we do not recommend giving both together). If you notice your horse becoming tense or nervous, try to find out what could be causing this.
If your horse is on box rest due to an injury, the Rest & Recover Gold might be more suitable. For mares that are affected by their seasons, consider Easy Mare Collection.


  • A calm and balanced nervous system
  • Young horses whilst being schooled
  • Anxious horses on restricted turnout or receiving little exercise
  • Horses settling into a new environment

Technical description:

Valerian root.
Chamomile herb.
Vervain herb.
Marshmallow root.
Hawthorn herb.
Meadowsweet herb.
Analytical constituents:
Crude potein 0.8%
Crude fat <0.5%
Crude fibre <0.5%
Crude ash <0.5%
Moisture 97.1%
Sodium 272ppm.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: Added to the feed daily, splitting the required amount between two feedings where possible.

<130cm 10ml
130-150cm 20ml
150-160cm 25ml
160-170cm 30ml
>170cm 30-40ml

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