Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected – Temperamend, 1 kg

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Calm & Collected is one of the Hilton Herbs bestsellers - a compatible feed supplement composed of dried herbs such as chamomile and valerian. These naturally help to strengthen and maintain a healthy nervous system in horses of all ages. The liquid herbal tincture Calm & Collected Gold is often initially preferred by many horse owners because of its faster absorption. (It is advised not to give both products at the same time). If you notice that your horse becomes tense or nervous, try to find the causes, e.g. too little exercise or too much high-energy feed.
If your horse is on extended stable rest due to an injury, Hilton Herbs Rest & Recover Gold is recommended. For mares that are struggling before or during their heat, the Hilton Herbs Easy Mare range is recommended


  • A calm and balanced nervous system
  • Young horses whilst being schooled
  • Stressed horses on restricted turnout or receiving little exercise
  • Anxious horses settling into a new environment

Technical description:

Valerian root.
Chamomile flowers.
Vervain herb.
Marshmallow root.
Hawthorn flowering tops.
Meadowsweet herb.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: 1 measuring spoon contains 50ml.
< 130cm: 1 scoop/day
130-150cm: 2 scoops/day
150-160cm: 3 scoops/day
160-170cm: 4 scoops/day
>170cm: 5 scoops/day.
Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen.
In time, you may find the amount fed can be lowered.
Animals are individuals, often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use.

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