Cavalor Calm, 800 g

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Many sporthorses do not perform at their best because they are under too much stress. Horses that are very willing to perform in training can lose their ability to concentrate due to transport or stress due to unfamiliar surroundings and do not develop their skills during competition. They are less attentive and react very unexpectedly to some events. Stress caused by fear can quickly make young horses dangerous. Stress not only affects the horse's performance, but also its overall condition. Stress should therefore be avoided as much as possible. Cavalor Calm is a herb-based nutrient-rich feed supplement that can support the nervous resilience of horses, thus improving performance during stressful situations. The combination of selected herbs and targeted nutrients that play an important role in stimulus transmission and muscle function make this product a premium quality supplement.


  • Ideally suited
  • For support during stressful situations
  • For young or snsible horses
  • During competition / training / stable change

Technical description:

Composition: Dextrose, manganese sulphate, magnesium acetate.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 4.2%
Crude fat 0%
Crude ash 26%
Crude fibre 0%
Calcium 0.82%
Phosphorus %
Magnesium 7.1%
Sodium 0%
Tryptophan 5%

Additives per kg: Vitamin B1: 4.321 mg; Vitamin B6: 2.500 mg; Vitamin B12: 152 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: Mix 45g per day into the feed, start 2-3 days before the stress situation.

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