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Containing a very specific blend of fatty acids, Cavalor OilMega improves your horse’s general well-being and performance. Cavalor OilMega is given for at least 30 days (preferably 60 days) and can also be used daily.First week: sprinkle 100 ml/3.3 fl. oz per day over the feedStarting with week 2: sprinkle 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz per day over the feedAdd to feed for a minimum of 30 days, preferably 60 days. Packaging: can 10 l (1 pump is 25 ml)


What distinguishes Cavalor OilMega from other oils?

Vegetable oils from different sources contain more omega 3 fatty acids than omega 6 fatty acids and vice versa. Cavalor OilMega is a mix of different vegetable oils to provide a balanced fatty acid profile. In addition to this special mixture of vegetable oils, Cavalor OilMega contains the patented ingredient NAB (Natural Anti-Biotics). NAB is composed of ingredients that are known for their antimicrobial activities. Horses with muscle problems may benefit from the combination of Cavalor Muscle Fit and Cavalor Oilmega. Manipulating the dietary fatty acid ratio may be of benefit to modulate immunity status, sperm quality and skin condition.

Can Cavalor OilMega be used in dietary management of colic?

Vegetable oils can be applied in the dietary management in the re-feeding of horses with colic or firm stool.  However, the type of digestive disorder (and location of the colic) will determine if such strategy is advised or not. Always ask your veterinarian or nutritionist for advice. Various dietary strategies for the re-feeding of horses that have colicked can be found on the congress's website in the proceedings of Vervuert and Coenen (2004) NARA

Can Cavalor OilMega replace other Cavalor products (for example Cavalor Resist or Cavalor Muscle Fit/Base)?

No, these are different products that act on different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides energy and influences the fatty acid composition and the immunity status of the animal. The NAB in OilMega may help the microflora to fight against pathogens. Cavalor Resist provides nutrients necessary to improve antioxidant and immunity status, as well as to help the horse protect itself from environmental influences that may impair its health (e.g., horses that will be subjected to international transportation or to different environments). Cavalor Muscle Fit is especially designed to provide nutrients that support muscle health and provide dietary tools to prevent fatigue. Horses with muscle problems may benefit from the combined supplementation of Cavalor Muscle Fit and Cavalor OilMega.

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