Cavalor Muscle Force, Muscles, 2 kg

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Supports the muscles and improves athletic performance through the formation of new muscle cells. In order to quickly bring competition horses back to their former level after a rest period, it is important to ensure a balanced and optimal build-up of the muscle. This requires interaction between training, exercise and nutrition. Cavalor Muscle Force is a dietary feed for nutrition and/or support. Cavalor Muscle Force contains albumins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, herbs and nucleotides. This unique composition of nutrients that contribute to muscle growth prevents damage and unbalanced development of the muscles. Due to the unique composition of Cavalor Muscle Force and the fact that it consists of 100% natural substances and does not contain any doping-relevant substances for competitive sports, it can also be used during the competition season or the breeding phase.

Technical description:

Composition: Herbs, Wheat gluten, Rice bran, Yeast and parts thereof, Dextrose.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 22 %
Crude ash 1,6 %
Crude fibre 1,2 %
Crude fat 0,6 %
Sodium 0,2 %.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: Mix in the daily feed. Sporthorses: 45 g. Ponies and riding horses: 30 g. The best result is achieved after 6 weeks. 1 measure in pail = 15 g. Maximum per horse per day: 120 g.

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