Cavalor  Colostra 24, 100 g

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In mammals, including horses, the embryo receives (almost) no antibodies via the placenta during pregnancy.
Placenta. As a result, foals are completely dependent on antibodies from good colostrum in the first hours after birth to build up their immune system.
Milk/good colostrum in order to build up their immune system. The greatest uptake of antibodies
From colostrum occurs in the first 6 to 8 hours after birth. 24 hours after birth, the foal cannot absorb any
Antibodies from the mare's milk.
Foals without a dam may be deficient in immunoglobulins, and the same applies to foals that have little, no or
Poor quality mare's milk. A deficiency of immunoglobulins brings with it the risk that infectious diseases
Such as diarrhoea and other diseases.
Cavalor Colostra contains natural substances (freeze-dried colostrum) that are essential for the healthy growth of the foal.
Are indispensable. Cavalor Colostra is safe to use and contains at least 30% immunoglobulins.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation:
Add 1 pack (100 g) of Cavalor® Colostra to 0.2 litres of Cavalor® Hyppolac or water.
Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved. Administer Cavalor® Colostra
using a bottle with a teat.
Caution: Do not heat in the microwave, this destroys the immunoglobulins.
If the foal does not receive colostrum from the mare: Give Cavalor® Colostra within
6 hours after birth and repeat the administration after 12 to 16 hours.
If the foal receives little colostrum from the mare: Give Cavalor® Colostra
within 24 hours after birth.
Cavalor® Colostra can also be given preventively during the first 24 hours to
ensure that the foal receives sufficient antibodies.

Freeze-dried colostrum (beestings milk).

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