Hilton Herbs Detox Gold 1 Litre

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DeTox Gold is a liquid herbal tincture containing herbs such as milk thistle seeds and burdock. DeTox Gold is often preferred by HilonHerbs customers in the beginning because of its faster absorption. You can later switch to the dry mix DeTox. (HiltonHerbs advises against using both products at the same time). Some HiltonHerbs customers report excellent condition of their horses' skin and coat during one month of using DeTox Gold before switching to Herb Power or Hoof & Health dry mix.


  • To support healthy liver & kidney function
  • For normal elimination of toxins & waste products
  • For horses in spring/autumn during the transition to the paddock/stable
  • During worming

Technical description:

Liquid herbal tinctures in a ratio of 1:3 of:

Seeds of milk thistle
Root and leaf of dandelion
Root of burdock
Burdock ragwort
Stinging nettle leaf
Sweetwood root
Apple cider vinegar.

Usage instructions:

Add to the feed daily. If possible, divide the amount to be administered into 2 meals.
Can be drizzled directly into the mouth, e.g. in summer when no additional feed is consumed.
Complete instructions for use are printed on the packaging.
Allow at least 4 weeks of action to experience all the benefits and full effectiveness of this product.
Over time, you can reduce the dosage of the supplement without compromising its effectiveness.
Animals are individuals. In most cases, a lowered dosage of this supplement is often sufficient for long-term use.
If there are any concerns about the health of the animal, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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