Renons AntiFly solution, 1000 ml

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Warning notice according to EU regulation:
Use biocide products carefully!
Always read label and product information before use.

Short-term protection against biting insects on horses RENONS AntiFly Solution has for years been Sweden’s best-selling insecticide for horses. Contains 5% Icaridin that provides full protection for up to 5 hours. Suitable for use during riding or shorter time spent outdoors. Keeps most flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects away. The addition of propylene glycol prevents dehydration. RENONS AntiFly Solution contains Icaridin as the active ingredient which has been tested most comprehensive of all fly and insect repellent. Icaridin is available in several products for human use and has been used for three years as an active ingredient in the RENONS AntiFly Solution with excellent effect. Icaridin is recommended among others by WHO for protection in malaria-infected areas in the world. Icaridin have very low toxiditet and low environmental impact.

Technical description:

NGREDIENTS:Icardin® 5 %.Citronella Oil.Lavandin Oil.Propylenglykol.Emulsifier.Water 5%.

Usage instructions:

USAGE: Sprayed or wiped out with a sponge. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Can also be used on boxväggar, in transportation etc. VOID - is colorless and contains agents that counteract dehydration. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately withwater for a minute.

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