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Kentucky Tendon Grip

ID produktu: 19339

149,00 zł
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Kentucky Tendon Grip
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Kentucky Tendon Grip
149,00 zł
(w tym VAT)
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Kentucky Tendon Grip


Protection against injury sustained through boots rubbing. Provides extra support for the tendon. Ideal for icing applications for injury prevention and treatment. Whether you have an equine emergency or wish to protect your horses' legs this summer, the Kentucky Tendon Grip is an essential piece of kit for the meticulous horse owner. In this feature, Thomas Tuytens, MD and owner of Kentucky Horsewear, the technical horse boot brand talks about why this clever tube of elastic is rapidly becoming one of the brand's biggest sellers. As a keen event rider, I have had my fair share of leg injuries and whilst our protective horse boot collection protects against knocks and blows to the leg, I found it was often other medical problems that often saw my horses out of action: Problems such as swellings/ rubs/ sores/ fly bites etc, which were equally as frustrating and I felt preventable or at the very least could be managed in a more positive way, than fussy bandaging and time spent cold hosing. Through my own experience and research, working closely with veterinary professionals and top riders across all disciplines, the Kentucky Tendon Grip wascreated. This clever tubular piece of elasticated fabric can be cut down to fit any horses' leg and can help horse owners in a number of ways: Prevention: Swollen legs can be caused by fly bites, strains, cuts and scratches, mud fever and can appear even after clipping. For minor incidents, the result is generally time off and medical attention, however with the Tendon Grip you can positively help prevent these problems by protecting the legs, whilst the horse is being worked, by using it underneath your horses' protective boots as a 'second skin'. Worn under your horse's protective boots also serves to support tendons and ligaments during athletic work and fast exercise. Icing: If your horses does sustain an injury that requires icing, this product also comes into its own, allowing you to insert ice-packs directly onto the area of the leg that is required, without risk of ice-burn or having to mess around with ice-boots, which can be both expensive and slip down as they defrost. Medical research shows that if you apply ice to an injury within 48 hours, ice can help reduce swelling and leaking blood vessels, thus helping to reduce inflammation and help reduce the level of soft tissue injury and therefore recovery time. These infrared images show a horse's stifle, tendon and pastern after exercise and you can see from the brightly coloured Red areas, how these parts really do become warm. Icing after exercise helps reduce this heating and with the Tendon Grip, you can apply ice to any part of the leg including difficult areas such as knees and hocks. Top international eventer Karin Donckers ices her horses before cross-country using our Tendon Grip, then simply removes the ice-packs and pops our Kentucky protective boots over the top -- ready to compete and afterwards, again a simple and quick solution to getting cold therapy quickly and effectively to those areas requiring attention. Other: The grip has also proved to be particularly helpful when applying poultices to the foot and for show horses, they are effective in helping to keep white socks clean before competitions.


  • Second skin which protects and supports
  • Beat rubs, bacteria, fungus and dirt
  • Multi-use, with or without ice
  • Easy, safe and quick to use
  • Washable and re-usable for performance and value
  • Black available in 3 m, white in 5 m

Technical description:

Black available in 3 m, white in 5 m.

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