Therapeutic Air Hock

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Czarny Zandona Therapeutic Air Hock
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The rest bandages “THERAPEUTIC HOCK” are equipped with 10 magnetic devices that improve cellular function, providing a natural therapeutic support to the hock and by reflexology to the whole body.The permanent magnets used are composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss each.The specific arrangement of magnets, their flux density, intensity and polarization, have been studied with the help of veterinarians and professional riders to maximize the localized increase in va-scular blood-flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple benefi-cial effects:EFLEXOLOGY EFFECTS:Using reflexology principles, that is magnetically stimulating the reflex points (Ting) placed on specific meridians of the horse (the same points used for acupuncture), some moderate rebalancing effects are obtained:The 3 magnets placed externally, near the BL Yin meridian (Bladder – Ting BL-58-60-64) induce positive effects against pain and blood-circulation problems at spine.The 2 magnets placed internally, near the KI Yang meridian (Kid-ney – Ting KI2-7) stimulate blood circulation slightly inducing calming and regulating fear.


  • Muscles, tendons, cartilages injuries
  • Ligaments inflammations
  • Bones fractures
  • Osteoporosis

Technical description:

LOCAL MAGNETO-THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS:Unlike anti-inflammatory pharmaceutics, which create vasocon-strictor action (thus slowing the vascular blood-circulation and lymphatic circulation, resulting in a slowdown of cellular proces-ses), magnetic therapy acts on pain and swelling while avoiding the side effects of the pharmaceutics, while instead enhancing regenerative processes.Analgesic effect.Anti-inflammatory effect.Increase of micro-circulation in cartilages.Acceleration of lactic-acid absorption process.Acceleration of toxins elimination process.Acceleration of osteogenesis process.Acceleration of cellular processes.

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