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THERMOBOOT is a special resting horse boot of the Zandonà Therapeutic Line, specifically designed for convenient application of cold/heat therapies directly to horse tendons and joints.

Made of Neoprene with inner Aluminium Thermal-Coating to better insulate and prolong the cold/hot effect, it also includes a 3D-Mesh lining to protect the horse skin from burning, allowing optimal transfer of cold/heat. The unique shape of THERMOBOOT has been developed to ensure stability and comfort during use, favouring the optimal contact with Tendons and Joints. The strong closure-system ensures perfect adherence to the leg and the “easy-pull” flap helps and speeds up the safe removal of the boot. Regular use of THERMOBOOT for short periods (20-30mins) after intense exercise can help preventing small injuries and/or traumas to ligaments, tendons and joints as well as reducing localised swelling, heat and pain. THERMOBOOT can be worn on both front and hind legs. Contains two special Gel-Packs (one for each boot).

Cold therapy can be used as an everyday treatment for your horse. During intense exercise, micro trauma to capillaries, tendons and ligaments can occur. The subsequent hyperaemia can persist with a pro-inflammatory effect.
Cold therapy causes vasoconstriction, reduces proteolytic enzymatic activity, decreases influx of inflammatory mediators and toxins and provides pain relief to restore the post workout circulatory conditions. The sooner temperature of tendons can be reduced after exercise, the better. THERMOBOOT can also help treating horses’ haematomas, sprains, injuries, strains, ligaments and tendon damages. In case of severe injuries where hyperextension of the fetlock has occurred, ice therapy is required and you can use THERMOBOOT in 20-30min sessions 4 or more times a day. The initial stages of injuries are critical so the sooner they can be applied, the better. In such severe cases, the continued use of cold therapy together with a controlled exercise programme is essential to recovery and speeds up the rehabilitation process.

Heat therapy is ideal for supporting blood flow to a specific body area, eliminating residual inflammation, fostering nutrient flow and, therefore, healing. Heat can also be useful before exercise and for horses suffering from arthritis. Application of heat can increase soft tissue elasticity, flexibility, and suppleness of muscles during exercise. Heat also acts as a temporary analgesic, reducing pain. Heat should be gradually introduced to your horse’s recovery regime, after injury. Too much heat too soon can cause haemorrhage. In case of swelling issues, please only apply heat 24 hours after no increase in swelling has been observed. Alternation between heat and cold therapies, gradually increasing the time heat is used and decreasing cold therapy usage per session, will allow the transition to heat therapy-only usage.

Washing instructions:

Remove the gel-packs, close the hook-and-loop fasteners and wash the THERMOBOOT in a washing bag at 30°. Clean the gel-packs with warm water and mild soap.

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Zandona Thermoboots