Horslyx Mint Mini , 650g

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Have your horse or pony ‘eating out of your hand’!Not all treats have to be bad! Mini Horslyx is the perfect choice for horse owners who want to reward (or bribe!!) their horse or pony with a nutritious alternative to sugary treats.

Unique and highly palatable, Mini Horslyx offers a three day supply of all the nutritional benefits that every Horslyx product provides, including the high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package that helps keep horses and ponies in all round, top condition.Mini Horslyx offer the ultimate indulgence for all horses and ponies, even good doers and those that can be a bit fussy. However, as with the whole Horslyx range, Mini Horslyx offer a nutritionally balanced and beneficial formula, containing no artificial colours or preservatives, making them a wholesome alternative to naughty sweets.As a simple hand held reward, a distraction during stressful times such as clipping or farrier visits or to bang out of its packaging and place in a bucket or manger, Mini Horslyx are ideal for taking with you to shows, using to help catch a difficult pony or a helping hand when persuading a tricky loader.Mini Horslyx provides an excellent way to complete stretching exercises with your horse or pony, as the small easy to handle tub allows you to hold each stretch for the optimum time needed, unlike other treats or carrots which can be snatched or broken off.

Usage instructions:

How to stretch with Mini Horslyx.The main objective for most horse owners is to ensure their equines are comfortable, mobile and able to perform to the best of their ability.Stretching exercises can help achieve this as stretching has been shown to increase flexibility, suppleness and reduce muscular pain and tension. Mini Horslyx provides an excellent way to complete stretches with your horse or pony as the small easy to handle tub allows you to hold each stretch for the optimum time needed, and unlike treats or carrots which can be snatched or broken off, Mini Horslyx provides a sustainable reward.Mini Horslyx stretching exercises allow horse owners to support their horses in maintaining healthy, mobile musculature. Recent studies have found that stretching routines with our equines can enhance performance and improve your horse’s co-ordination and body awareness. This can not only help your horse feel more comfortable in his own skin but may aid his balance and agility whilst under saddle.Mini Horslyx provides the perfect healthy and sustainable medium for encouraging your horse to stretch. The palatable formula provides a dense composition which is designed to be “licked” not chewed so encourages your horse to work for his reward providing a durable source to hold each stretch for several seconds. In addition Mini Horslyx is packed full of nutrients to benefit your equine. Just like regular Horslyx, Mini Horslyx is a 100% natural product which contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, oils and hoof supplements Biotin, Methionine and Zinc.Our top tips:All stretching routines should be built into your horse’s routine slowly; hold each stretch for approximately 5-10 seconds and build up to completing each exercise three times.Always complete equal stretches to both left and right.Remember never to put pressure on the headcollar or leadrope or force your horse to complete a stretch and allow him to stretch within his comfort zone.It is recommended that you complete your stretch routine after your horse has been exercised in order to avoid stretching cold muscles, which have low blood saturation and by not being “warmed up” are more at risk of injury.

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Horslyx Mint Mini , 650g